Gutské peklo

  • A nature reservation with mostly beech forests on the steep slopes of Javorový Mountain, one of the steepest in the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area. The Oldřichovický potok flows through it with stepped waterfalls up to 5 m high and block-mud streams (so-called walls). Gutské peklo is a part of the Beskydy Bird Area - among the rarer bird species recorded here are, for example, the white-backed puffin, the white-backed snipe and the homing pigeon. It is also a permanent habitat of the lynx.
  • The reservation is accessible only by a marked hiking trail from the cottage at Javorový to Gutské sedlo, which passes along the contour of the upper part of the protected area.


Hilltop of Jahodná (406 m n. m.)

  • The hill is located 1.5 km east of the centre of Třinec, above the Dolní Líštná district and the hospital. A four-kilometre nature trail with 12 thematic stops informs about nature conservation issues, the natural wealth of the area (the endangered orchid species - the orchid) and the state of the environment in Třinec.
  • Start at the public transport stop Dolní Líštná, Sosna Hospital.
  • Approximate walking time: 1-1.5 hours.


Javorový vrch (1032 m n. m.)

  • Vrch Javorový is a mountain dominant of the town of Třinec and represents a paradise of hiking, adrenaline and winter sports. You can reach the hiking hut on foot from the valley or by cable car from the Oldřichovice part of Trinec.
  • Skiers can enjoy two illuminated slopes: the red slope (750 m) - ideal for more experienced skiers and snowboarders, the blue slope (300 m) - a gentle slope, ideal for beginners or intermediate skiers and snowboarders.

Operating hours of the ski tow are daily from 9.00 to 16.00.

Night skiing from 18.00-20.00.

  • Cross-country skiers are served by regularly groomed trails
  • Paragliding - flights on a tandem paraglider.


Which way to Javorový vrch

  • You can hike from Oldřichovice along the green hiking trail, from Guty along the blue hiking trail, from Tyra along the yellow hiking trail (gentle slope).
  • By car or by bus (stop Oldřichovice, by the chairlift) you will arrive at the chairlift, which runs from 9.00-17.00 every hour, from November to February from 9.00-16.00 (in storms and strong winds it is not in operation). After getting off the chairlift, it takes 10 minutes to the tourist hut (built in 1895), where there is a beautiful view of the surroundings, the Těšín Beskydy Mountains, in good weather you can also see the mountains in Slovakia and Poland.


Nature Reserve Čerňavina

The nature reservation consists of natural forest cover on the top and slopes of Mount Ostrý (1044 m) in the local part of Tyra and the village of Košařiska. Most of them are beech forests of the Carpathian type in the high altitudes of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains on predominantly steep slopes, in the northern part with a deeply incised bed of a gravel stream. The area of about 60 ha is part of the Beskydy Bird Area. Lynx live here and occasionally a wolf or bear wanders around.

Kozinec (751 m n. m.)

Kozinec is part of the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area, in the cadastre of Oldřichovice, on the top you will find a mountain hotel. Kozinec is one of the starting points for hiking and cross-country skiing towards Ostrý.


Velké doly (Baliny)

The Velké doly Nature Reservation was created to protect natural lime oak woodlands and protected plant species. The reserve is a forest complex on the slope of the right bank of the river Olše (Olza) between the towns of Třinec and Český Těšín. It is very easily accessible from the Czech side by road from Český Těšín from the cottage settlement. Walking around takes about an hour and a half. The most beautiful views of Baliny are when it is coloured by autumn. In the spring, the smell of bear garlic covering the forest floor catches the eye. You will also find here an inconspicuous yellow-green flower - the starflower, the so-called Těšín flower, which, according to legend, was brought here by a Swedish soldier during the Thirty Years' War.

River Olza (Olše)

The Olza River rises near the Polish village of Istebna in the Silesian Beskydy Mountains at an altitude of 840-880 m. In the upper part from Jablunkov to Třinec it forms the border between the Silesian and Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains. Today the official name Olše was created by language purists at the end of the 19th century. However, the local population still commonly calls it Olza. This is probably the Indo-European origin of the word, which means watercourse.



A small village in the foothills with about 400 inhabitants became a municipal district of Třinec in 1980. It is surrounded on three sides by the peaks of the Beskydy Mountains (Javorový, Ostrý, Kozinec). The Tyrka River flows through it, where some rare animals live, such as the river crayfish, water snails, and the common crow. If you decide to walk through this valley, you have the opportunity to come across several mountain springs and wells.

Spring of drinking water „Bolibřuška“

It is located about 300 m above the bus stop Tyra - Pila. Not only locals, but also tourists and inhabitants of the surrounding villages come for the mineral-rich water and use it for cooking as well as drinking.


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