Unique labyrinth in Třinec Forest Park

In the very centre of the Třinec Forest Park, which is part of the town, there is a smaller copy of the labyrinth from the French Chartres Cathedral. The labyrinth has a unique appearance and, thanks to the 360-metre path to its centre, visitors have the opportunity to calm their minds during the walk. The path to the centre of the labyrinth symbolises the journey to our own inner self and back to the outside world. The labyrinth is open to all visitors regardless of age.

Třinec Street Workout Park is the largest in the Czech Republic

One of the largest streetworkout parks in the Czech Republic is located at Tyršova 824, next to the STaRS sports hall in Třinec. There are a total of 24 fitness elements on the playground and the entire playground is 25 x 21 metres. Access to this playground is free of charge, at any time of the day and for anyone who would like to work out. You can exercise on the elements located exclusively outdoors and are suitable for exercises with the weight of one's own body. Třinec wants to be attractive for all young and active people who can improve their fitness and spend their free time in a meaningful way thanks to this playground.

Discover the story of a Třinec man

Walking around the city, you can discover the story of a Třinec man, which is inscribed in the system of benches located throughout Třinec. During the discovery, you can piece together the story from a total of twenty inscriptions with the life insights of a Třinec man. A map can help you discover the city and the story of an imaginary person who has spent most of his life there. The story can be pieced together from sentences engraved on the backs of the benches. You can pick up a map with the location of these benches at the Třinec Information Centre or see it in the pictures below.

Jan Kubisz (1848-1928), the poet of the Polish part of Silesia, was born in the Konská part of Třinec.

 There is great extra-league hockey team in Třinec, more at www.hcocelari.cz.


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