Basic information

The main function of the Information Centre is to provide free public information services. In contrast to the traditional tourist information centre, which focuses on tourist and tourism information, we also provide civic information, i.e. it serves not only visitors but also the town's residents. As part of the IC's mission, we collect information and create a comprehensive information database for our town. The information system contains tourist, cultural and general information, i.e. information about Třinec and its surroundings, its attractions, accommodation and restaurants, transport, business network, cultural, sports programs and other events taking place in our region. Information are provided to the public in all available forms - verbally, by telephone, by e-mail or through printed materials.

We ensure permanent year-round information by publishing the information through our own continuously updated website

If you would like visibility for free for your business in our IC, please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, the IC strives to become an effective link in promoting the city and region. It prepares proposals for the creation of promotional materials for the town, presents the town at tourism and tourism fairs and cooperates with neighbouring info centres on projects helping to develop and promote the new project of the Těšínské Beskydy tourist region.




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